how to get the most out of your email account 31/01/2013

How email works and how to get the most out of your email account

Email is probably the most useful thing ever invented. Or is that the wheel? Whatever, email is up there with fire, sliced bread and the electric guitar as one of mankind's greatest inventions. A lot of people use email without quite understanding what is really going on, so I'd like to try and explain it!


Email started off in the old days when computers were the size of rooms and even academics could only book small time slots to use one. These mainframe behemoths had multiple user log-ins, so when you got your hour's… Read More


Reputation Pricing

Recent research has shown that your online reputation has serious monetary worth. Identical goods sold on ebay under different profiles achieved different prices, a profile of 2000 adding around 8% to the final price compared to a new profile.

Being able to add 8% to your prices would do wonders for your profits!

This test was only done comparing different ebay profiles, there is another price point for a company with it's own e-commerce site - and as the quality of the site, branding and customer srvice aspects of the site… Read More


Get Yourself Backed Up!

This week we've been talking to a company whose developers didn't get their backup strategy right, a hard disc on the server hosting their site failed, the web hosts didn't have a recent backup and neither did the developers. They have had to scrabble about to get the site back in working order using backups from December 2007.
I'm happy to report that Turtlereality would have had all of this under control! We have all of our office data backed up to a duplicate hard disc, backed up to an offsite location and archived for long term… Read More


Why your company needs good design

We very often deal with companies that have badly designed websites, not the ones we've designed of course, the ones we are brought in to fix! Our entire experience of these companies comprises looking at their website and talking to somebody on the phone - and sometimes we get completely the wrong impression.

We had a meeting recently with a company that we thought was a couple of dodgy geezers in a dingy back room - and it turned out to be some very smartly-dressed city gents in a georgian town house! We've now fixed this image… Read More


The Curse of Comic Sans

I mentioned the typeface "comic sans" in a recent post as an example of bad web design - a bad web designer will often use a lot of comic sans. Anyway, we did a bit of googling and found the following two sites: Ban Comic Sans Comic Sans Appreciation Society Although, in the interests of impartiallity I should point out that 99% of the links on Google are to anti CS sites such as 'the curse of comic sans'.

There's a time and a place for this font and in general this place is not on your web site - unless of course, you are a cartoon… Read More