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When Elon Musk threatened to buy Twitter people began to look for alternatives. Listening to the radio, I heard Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, talking about something called which was offering safe harbour for Twitter refugees.

I had a look and was really amazed at the lack of design. It didn't look as if a designer had been anywhere near it. So I posted a few glib comments about how "it looks like 1998 in here" and "I'll do it for free - for the publicity. Hey, there's a good story!". I was very surprised to get an email shortly afterwards from Jimmy Wales' PA trying to set up a zoom meeting!

Since then I have been working with their team on making small tweaks to their existing system - and also helping to design a new brand and page layouts for a new version currently in development.

This week, Jimmy sent some very early stage logo sketches out to the community for their opinions - which I am also posting here.

It's a very interesting project and something the world really needs - a not-for-profit social media platform built on the principles of Wikipedia. There is enormous potential, but a long way to go and I am delighted to be helping!

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