Drupal website for international development agency 26/05/2023

New Site Launch: MRAG Europe

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for MRAG Europe an international development agency.

This brings the European division into line with the UK website with the addition of improved multi-language options and automatically updated content.

Click the link below for more information

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New Site Launch: Pets on the Parade 13/04/2023

New Site Launch: Pets on the Parade

Turtlereality has launched a new Drupal 9 website for Pets on the Parade - a newly refurbished London pet shop.

Many months in the making - and with more content still to come through, the site is a great base for future improvements.

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New Site Launch: Braid Wines E-commerce 06/09/2022

New Site Launch: Braid Wines

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new e-commerce site for Braid Wines & Altar Supplies.

The website has been in development over the summer and is now live! The site is built using Drupal 9 and Drupal Commerce, which give us a great framework to build e-commerce websites and manipulate data in whatever form it comes, whether it's an image, an article or in this case a product.

Wiki Tribune Social Logo 08/08/2022

Wiki Tribune Social Logo

We are getting close to finalising the logo for Wiki Tribune Social.

The site is centred around 'subwikis' which are inter-connected globs of information represented by the transparent dots. All of the subwikis go to make up a world. A Wiki world!

It's quite surreal to be working with internet legend Jimmy Wales, but it's great to be involved in a project that could really be a force for good in the world  - and act as a balance to the profit-driven social media companies.

New site coming soon!

New Site Launch: Holy Socks E-commerce 19/07/2022

New Site Launch: Holy Socks E-commerce

Turtlereality has just launched another e-commerce website, this time for a manufacturer and designer of novelty socks - with a biblical bent.

We love the socks, they are witty and colourful and make ideal gifts.

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Wiki Tribune Social 24/05/2022

Wiki Tribune Social

When Elon Musk threatened to buy Twitter people began to look for alternatives. Listening to the radio, I heard Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, talking about something called WT.social which was offering safe harbour for Twitter refugees.

I had a look and was really amazed at the lack of design. It didn't look as if a designer had been anywhere near it. So I posted a few glib comments about how "it looks like 1998 in here" and "I'll do it for free - for the publicity. Hey, there's a good story!". I was very surprised to get an… Read More

Site Launch: Bracknell Swimarium 02/03/2022

Site Launch: Bracknell Swimarium

We have just launched a new site for Bracknell Swimarium - what a great name!

It's a fairly simple site featuring information about their facilities. We made an intuitive attractive site, which sits comfortably in the overall world of the Swim School.

Congratulations to Pilot Network on reaching 300 reviews! 01/03/2022

Congratulations to Pilot Network on reaching 300 reviews!

Congratulations to Pilot Network this week for hitting 300 flight school reviews. They have also added a new partner organisation, Pilotbase.

Turning an idea into a functioning, viable proposition is never easy and it's taken a lot of work from both Pilot Network and ourselves to make this happen.


Gitmodules & Drupal 9 17/11/2021

Git Submodules, a better way

Gitmodules - Git Sub Modules - are really the bane of my life! The recent Drupal 9 update has brought this into sharp focus and pushed us to find a better way of dealing with these. Here is a recipe...


Delete the .git folder of the submodule with the following
rm -rf public_html/modules/contrib/module_name/.git

rm cached it out of there with this:
git rm --cached public_html/modules/contrib/module_name… Read More

Upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 14/09/2021

Now Upgraded to Drupal 9

It's been a busy year and Drupal 8 is fast approaching its end of life, so we've been making a start on the process of upgrading to Drupal 9.

The upgrade process is looking like it's quite mature, with lots of the kinks ironed out, but there are still quite a number of contributed modules needing work. As the deadline gets closer the gap should shrink even more.

Drupal promised that the transition from 8 to 9 would be a 'minor' update. It is when compared to the major upheaval of a Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 upgrade, but it's a… Read More