Turtlereality have built a lot of e-commerce websites over the years. It's a rapidly growing and rapidly changing market, you need to be agile and responsive to keep up with your competitors. Here are some articles relating to e-commerce, selling online and setting up online stores.

Using Drupal Commerce Discounts to Ease Stress

Posted on Fri, 05/26/2017 - 15:34
Drupal Commerce Discounts & Coupons
Peak times of demand such as Christmas and Easter can put strain on an E-commerce site's physical resources. Encouraging customers to buy ahead of time might help to ease this - and e-commerce discounts can be a good way to do this. Here is a quick round up of the discount and coupon offers available through our Drupal Commercebased systems:

Types of offer

  • £ off - fixed amount off total order
  • % off - fixed percentage off total order
  • free shipping

Design for Ed Sheeran's First Web Site

Posted on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 15:22
Web Site Design for Ed Sheeran's First Website

We built Ed Sheeran's first website - so I guess you could say we were partly responsible for his huge success :o)

Great Design & E-commerce

Elements of the design we did back in 2007 are still in use today. This layout isn't actually what we ended up going live with, but it gives you some idea of where we were going. The finished site even had an e-commerce element, but I don't remember what we were selling - Cd's and mp3's I guess.

Doesn't he look young?

Secure your E-commerce website with SSL and Drupal 7

Posted on Mon, 09/14/2015 - 14:12
Improve Internet Security with SSL & Drupal

The situation with SSL and Drupal 7 is all a bit of a mess, there is a module - Secure Pages - which allows mixed use, but it seems to be riddled with problems and needs core to be patched! So, what is the alternative? After a frustrating day, I've finally got the method, so here it is before I forget...

In settings php you need to add the following - it is NOT there in the default version:

$_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on';

This then works with these re-write rules which are now baked into D7 .htaccess