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11 Benefits of Working with a Small Web Design Company

Sometimes when we pitch to larger companies we can sense a slight reticence about trusting their valuable project to a small web design company such as ours.

I can absolutely understand these concerns, hiring the big name vendor can look like the safe move - but there is another side to the story. Here are some pretty good reasons why working with a small digital marketing company can be just as rewarding - if not more so!

  1. You get to be the BIG client
    Hiring Mega Corp might seem like a good move, but how much does your project matter to them? Are you really getting their best people, or are you dealing with junior designers and coders? For a small company, all our clients are big!
  2. You are buying US, not the current occupant of the chair
    Personnel change, the great designer's work you love might be just clearing out their desk before moving on. If you hire Turtlereality, you are getting us personally, not just the latest coder/project manager/designer...
  3. Our low overheads mean your money buys more
    We don't have fancy city centre offices, heck, we don't even have a ball-pit meeting room. We do have a really great fibre-to-the-premises internet connection though, so communicating with us is a breeze. We like to focus on the things that matter, the top one being providing a really high quality product to our customers.
  4. Using Drupal means that you can take the code elsewhere and carry on
    We sometimes get asked "what happens if you win the lottery?" and the answer is, you can take the standard Drupal installation we have set up, move it to a new server/provider and carry on.
  5. The people selling to you are the same people who will be doing the work
    In a large company, sales people and account managers are a separate breed, once the deal is signed, they move on to the next pitch and pass the actual work onto another group of people. In a small company, we do the pitch - and then we do the work. We know what we are talking about because it's what we do. We won't over-egg it, or over-promise, because we are the ones who will deliver.
  6. We are owners - and we care more than employees
    Employees can never really care as much about their clients as the business owners.
  7. We are all selling the same sauce
    Open Source software is driving everything these days, especially in web design. As a small company we have access to the same code, the same software libraries as the bigger companies. The big companies aren't building this stuff from scratch - and neither are we.
  8. We are the people you will deal with
    If you hire a big company with their large team, you will probably end up only dealing with a few people - designer, programmer, project manager. In a small company it is the same - but sometimes we double up on roles, which simplifies things and leads to a broader understanding of your problems.
  9. The large web design & programming team at our disposal
    One thing large companies trumpet is the breadth of expertise they have available. But the truth is, that with today's freelance market, small companies can offer the same breadth of expertise.
  10. Unlimited capacity
    Another perceived problem with a small company is that we won't be able to cope with the demands of a large client. One answer to this is that all companies have a current capacity - and they all have the same mechanisms to increase this.


So there you have 10 benefits of working with a small web design company. But, what about number 11, I hear you say? Well, that would be the office cats, sleeping on keyboards, photo bombing Zoom meetings and keeping us sane!

But don't just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from some pretty big companies who have had a great experience working with a pretty small company:

  • Turtlereality are a great team to work with and always go that extra mile in everything they do. Such a great understanding of our business and what we were aiming to achieve.
    John E Fells & Sons Ltd
  • Turtlereality support, advise, and suggest ways that we can maximise our site in the very specialist area that we operate
    Charles Farris
  • This is looking absolutely BRILLIANT!! It is contemporary and reflects the character of the brand exactly.
    Boots Botanics

If you like the sound of all of this, then give us a call on 01985 840 637 and ask for Jon. Alternatively, get in touch via or fill out our web form.

Submitted by David Whiting (not verified) on Sun, 10/04/2020 - 21:14

Great article. I agree that being a small webs design company has its benefits as you can lower your price with no overheads. Also, it's more personal.

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Submitted by Jon Pollard on Tue, 10/27/2020 - 15:15

In reply to by David Whiting (not verified)

Yes, of course, the personal touch. We think that goes without saying, but in larger web design companies, you are not guaranteed to talk to the same person twice. I remember during my time at there was a lot of 'churn', people coming and going - and the bigger the company got, the quicker people left.

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