Posted on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 16:05
Dentsply site built with Drupal

I was just going through some training materials for and came across the system that we developed for them to upload video files, get them encoded and add them to web pages. It's the kind of thing which is pretty easy to do via YouTube and embedding a code snippet, but a bit more difficult if you are determined that your company is going to keep control of it's intellectual property.

The system we built uses and the Drupal video module - Once these are set up we could create a content type with a slot for a video file. End users can now upload a file through a web form which will send the file to zencoder when the form is submitted. Zencoder then encodes the video into various formats suitable for display on different platforms and sends the file back to our server. The site owner retains control of the content at all times.

Video nodes can be pulled into pages via views as we have done here

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