Articles about CMS - content management systems

A good content management system draws a clear line between content and display, that is to say the words and images in your website are independent of the way that they are displayed. If you want to radically change the structure of all your product pages, this should be easy with a good CMS. We are experts in Drupal CMS and also the CiviCRM Charity CMS, with years of experience of both of these excellent platforms.

A Brief History of Web Page Design and Build

Posted on Mon, 11/23/2015 - 11:04
Web Design in 1996 was a very different thing!

When I started making web sites way back in 1996, the internet was a very different place and web sites were very different beasts. It's hard now to imagine that large sites were made of flat HTML files- but that is all there was! Since then, the technology and I have both come a long way, first databases, then CMSs, it's very hard to guess what the next step will be.

Keep Control of Your Assets With Drupal

Posted on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 16:05
Dentsply site built with Drupal

It can be important for organisations to keep control of intellectual property and not have this distributed across external servers- external services can end up owning your IP. YouTube is a good example of a situation where you might want to keep assets under your own control. Using drupal we can upload and encode vidoe and emed it on the page.