Posted on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 16:16
New Design for The Champagne Academy Blog

We've just launched a new site for The Champagne Academy an august body representing the top 16 champagne houses. The Academy runs annual courses educating the very best in the hospitality industry in the specifics of elite champagne.

The Champagne Academy had a previous site built many years ago using a do-it-yourself system which in turn had generated pages using Flash - a very unsatisfactory situation!

Assets were missing and hard to source and we had to track down a lot of the materials working closely with the outgoing president. Getting all stakeholders on-board was also difficult, spread as they are across Europe.

New Site Design

We designed and built a simple and effective site using Drupal 7 with structured contents for all of the content areas required. Event booking is handled by a bespoke system based on Drupal Commerce and webform submissions, but this is not yet active. Events are added by the client and once the event date is in the past they are automatically moved to the events archive which has the option to display an image gallery of the event.

Solid Data Platform

The Champagne Academy now have a solid framework for handling information which will work for them now and also allow them to expand in the future. All areas of the site are managed by the client and online booking will soon be operational.

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