We helped the Pilot Network develop a highly polished, fully featured reviews website for European flight schools - on a very tight budget.

This bespoke web application contains massive amounts of power, detail and control over both users and content. It really shows Drupal 8 off as the extraordinarily powerful platform it is.

Pilot-network.com is based around user generated reviews of flight schools. Extremely valuable information for everybody in the sector. The site also includes industry news and advice on the path to becoming a pilot.

User Generated Reviews

The reviews are broken down into 5 sections. Users give star ratings for various elements such as aircraft quality, social life, teaching quality. These ratings are then combined using our "secret sauce" algorithm to give an overall score for that review.

The scores from all reviews for a flight school are then combined to give an overall Pilot Network rating for each school.

Drupal 8 reviews website

Intuitive Interface

Ratings are added via a simple web interface with up to 5 different sections. The overall rating for the review is an amalgamation of the star ratings of each different section.

It's very easy and intuitive for users to sign up and rate schools. New reviewers are joining all the time!

Drupal 8 reviews website - user generated content

Pilot Network Logo Design

The graphic device is taken from a pilot's cap badge - every pilot needs their wings! The colour palette is a little bit British Airways, but evokes a high quality business class feel.

Pilot Network Logo Design

Pilot Network PLUS

As part of the Pilot Network project, we have also created detailed dashboard pages for signed-up flight schools.

This gives access to a huge wealth of statistical information gathered and processed by the site. Not only stats for the current state of the page, but showing how those metrics have changed over time. The dashboard also includes tools to manage page content and respond to reviews.

Pilot Network PLUS
Pilot Network PLUS

Knowledge is the new oil - and this information will power Pilot Network into its next phase.

Brilliant service. Jon takes the time to understand your business and idea to allow him to positively influence and improve your product. Definitely goes above and beyond to ensure a satisfied customer. I cannot recommend Turtle Reality enough!

Pilot Network

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