E-commerce website for Wiltshire business Ed Knight's Logs. Ed wanted to upgrade his ageing Wordpress site to something more modern and functional. We built a new site from the ground up using Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2.

Responsive Design

The new site displays well on all screen sizes. Even the e-commerce buying process is simple and easy to do on a mobile phone thanks to our responsive display which automatically tailors the page content to fit the screen.

Website Security

The site is secured with an SSL certificate, meaning all information sent from the customer is encrypted. We are also patching the site as security updates are released. We can do this easily and efficiently using our git and composer workflow - all very nerdy and technical, but it really works well!

Content Management System

Content and products are now more easily manageable. Drupal's structured content types and highly configurable admin controls allow for much easier management of content than with Wordpress. Drupal Commerce also benefits from this enterprise-grade system - although with Ed's small product range it's hardly even ticking over.

Modern Web Design

Web design trends change so fast that even something from 2 years ago can look dated. Ed's previous site has now been brought up to date with a modern, stylish design. Our designs tend more towards classic than uber trendy - which does generally mean they have a longer shelf life than many. Even after 5 years, our sites can still look fresh and on-trend.


Mobile E-Commerce

The website is easy to use on a mobile - even going through the checkout process is easy to do.

Mobile E-Commerce

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