Here is a roundup of articles from our website relating to the content management system CiviCRM. We've worked with CiviCRM for many years now and found it to be an incredibly powerful tool for charity websites. If your organisation deals with memberships, events or large numbers of contacts then there is a chance you could benefit from using CiviCRM as part of your web solution.

CiviCRM Drupal - Transfer to New Server

Posted on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 12:13
CiviCRM Drupal Backup and Migrate

CiviCRM Drupal is a winning combination, but they can be very fussy and demanding about how they are set up. Foreign key checks on database tables make it difficult to manage backups and site migrations for a CiviCRM data site in the way you would normally handle a Drupal website - but it can be done.