Design and build of a new charity website using CiviCRM for membership and events management & Drupal Commerce for powerful e-commerce options.

Interactive Maps

One of the main functions of the site is to produce a searchable listing of forthcoming masses. Using Drupal and the Google Maps API, we set up a simple way for the LMS to add details of churches and the masses they celebrate. These are displayed on the site both as repeating and one-off events through a searchable map interface.

The Latin Mass Society is dedicated to preserving the traditional Latin Mass, as such, their members are very traditionally minded and the site design had to reflect the needs of this demographic. The key elements of the site are a map of forthcoming masses, news about last minute mass changes, e-commerce web shop, and user resources.

Mass Map

One of the main features of the site is a Mass Finder. The process of setting up a Mass begins with the Church. The name of the Church is automatically generated from its title and location - i.e. The Oratory, Westminster. This allows us to have multiple locations with different unique IDs and the same name. 

We use the same trick to build the name of each Mass from its timing and the church, so the full name of the Mass would be something like Tuesdays, The Oratory, Westminster. This fine level of detail gives us all of the information about the masses and the churches so that we have complete freedom to query the database and display the results exactly as is required. For example, we can do a search of all masses in September within a 10 mile radius of a postcode. Each church also has its own page with contact details, photos and map.

Google Maps Store Locator


The site also features an e-commerce shop selling books, Latin Mass Society publications, devotional articles etc. This is a growing source of revenue for the society. The e-commerce side also features items which are free or nearly free, with only postage to pay. Drupal's enterprise quality e-commerce systems give us all the flexibility that we need whatever the product or purchasing scenario.

Drupal e-commerce website


CiviCRM handles all of the membership, donations and events systems. CiviCRM is hugely beneficial for charities and not for profit organisations. It's particularly good at handling membership details, sign-ups and renewals, which are the lifeblood of membership organisations. It has an install base of around 8,000 organisations around the world and a thriving global developer community.

Drupal CiviCRM Charity web design

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