Dentsply are a global supplier of dentistry products based in Surrey. They initially came to us with a requirement for a site for the Middle East & Africa market with the potential to translate into multiple languages.

The site is made using Drupal open source software and also incorporates a large non-transactional product section along with a calendar of events, news section and information pages - all managed by the client. We have also created a video encoding system which lets Dentsply upload and encode video without losing control over the files or rights as they would do using a third party such as Youtube.

Since creating the MEA site we have gone on to create multiple sites for different divisions based around the core structure, these include websites for Russia, India and Turkey. Foreign language sites are a challenge and alternative alphabets doubly so, using Drupal's i18n module we were able to make sites with the default language as Russian and an option for editors to view the admin system in English, which has been very valuable.

The sites are in a continual state of development with modules being created and approved on a sandbox site and then rolled out across the other versions.

Email Newsletters

We have created several bespoke email newsletter templates used for various marketing and in-house purposes. Users can sign up, set and manage their preferences. Comprehensive subscriber lists are segmented into countries and professions for targetted campaigns at specific groups of customers.

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