Charity and non-profit organisations need good web design. We love working with charities who are passionate about making a difference - and this brings out the best in us too.

Charity web design can help organisations to achieve their goals by sharing our expertise in digital media and marketing. Whether it's getting more gift aid signups by using CiviCRM or increasing revenue through an e-commerce element, we are here to offer guidance and advice.

Charity websites might have different goals to commercial businesses, but it is no less important to have very high standards of website design and functionality. The best way for a charity to help its end users is to provide a clear and simple message - and make signups and donations effortless. Charity websites need clear messages and easily defined paths, we can help you organize your charities message more clearly.

Whatever your charity, we would love to help you design and build your next web site, give us a call on 01985 840 637 and let's have a chat.

Your Requirements

  • Raising funds
  • Building membership
  • Engaging users
  • Reaching out to new people
  • Getting people involved

Our Skills

  • Structuring your story
  • Creating clear messages
  • Designing engaging visuals
  • Minute attention to detail
  • Technical excellence
  • Website design

Our Tools

  • CiviCRM contact management
  • CiviCRM membership
  • Drupal user accounts
  • Drupal e-commerce features
  • Effective communication

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