11 Benefits of Working with a Small Web Design Company

11 Benefits of Working with a Small Web Design Company

Sometimes when we pitch to larger companies we can sense a slight reticence about trusting their valuable project to a small web design company such as ours.

I can absolutely understand these concerns, hiring the big name vendor can look like the safe move - but there is another side to the story. Here are some pretty good reasons why working with a small digital marketing company can be just as rewarding - if not more so!

You get to be the BIG client
Hiring Mega Corp might seem like a good move, but how much does your… Read More
Commerce site hits £4 Million

Ecommerce Website Passes the £4 Million Mark

We are delighted to announce that another Turtlereality-created website has ticked over into the next million bracket!

This time it's 4 million - and that's just for the Drupal 7 version - and without including revenues from the Drupal 6 version that it replaced.

Drupal Commerce has a fantastic ability to sell large volumes of products and create hugely successful e-commerce ventures, without charging a percentage on your sales, like some other e-commerce platforms we could mention.

If you are interested in… Read More

Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 using Drush

Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 using Drush

Upgrading from Drupal 7 to 8 can be quite a daunting task. Here are some hints and tips to get you on your way!

Drupal and Drush

Unless your site is very straightforward, you are going to benefit from using drush. First off, you will need to install the appropriate modules - here is a quick list:

migrate_file migrate_plus migrate_manifest migrate_tools migrate_upgrade Database Migration

Next, add your legacy database to your drupal 8 settings.php file in this format

$databases['default']['default'] = array (
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How Drupal Are You?

Quiz: How Drupal Are You?

OK, so you LOVE Drupal, everybody does - but just how Drupal ARE you, really?

Answer the questions below to find out:

You need to make a simple splash page, do you
A. Summon up some boilerplate html
B. Hand code something bespoke
C. Initialise another drupal installation

A customer asks for a one off form, no web site, just a form. Do you
A. Go straight to survey monkey
B. Hand code something
C. Fire up another drupal installation

A friend is starting a new business, do you… Read More

Website launch: Waldersey Farms

Website launch: Waldersey Farms

We've just launched a new website for Waldersey Farms, one of the largest farming groups in the UK.

Based in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire they are engaged not only in farming, but estate management and environmental protection.

The website is built using Drupal 8

E-commerce Website Launch

E-commerce Website Launch: LLangollen Brewery

We've just launched another Drupal 8 e-commerce site, this time for a craft ale producer in North Wales.

They have a very exciting range of contemporary lagers and ales, plus a solid selection of traditional beers.


Buying online is simple, even for mobile viewers. The checkout process is very streamlined with credit card processing by WorldPay.


Drupal v Wordpress - Structured Data v Free Text

Drupal v Wordpress - Structured Data v Free Text

We are often asked the question, "Which is better, Wordpress or Drupal?" there is no right answer to this question, ultimately, it depends on the project. Select the correct tool for the job. Generally speaking, Drupal is a better fit for large sites with a lot of data. Wordpress - and hosted CMS platforms such as Wix - are suited to smaller-scale ventures.

What is it that Drupal has that Wordpress does not that allows it to scale like this? There are many areas to look at, but one big one is the fundamental question of how the two… Read More

Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

It's Time to Upgrade to Drupal 8

Drupal 8, the best CMS (Content Management System for your website) in the world, has been maturing over the past couple of years and is now in a very healthy state - it's time to make the move.

It is now time for any site still running on Drupal 7 to start planning the upgrade to version 8, but don't worry - we are here to help you through it! It's a relatively simple process which will bring your site up to date - and make it easier to stay up to date.

Why upgrade to Drupal 8?

Drupal 7 is nearing its end of life. What does… Read More

Using Composer to Upgrade to Drupal 8.8

Using Composer to Upgrade to Drupal 8.8

Drupal 8.8 brings some changes to Drupal's update system. For the first time, composer is the default method for updating - if you've got sites set up using expanded file sets, now is the time to make the switch to a composer setup.

There are also a few 'gotchas' to be navigated along the way, here is a rundown of our recipe for a safe and happy update experience.

If you are switching from a non-composer setup to a composer setup, your first action is to create a new site using composer

> composer create-project… Read More

Drupal web developer

Get a Backup Strategy, Now!

After a recent hard disk failure happily resulted in zero data loss, we ponder on the vital role of backups.

Bad things happen, they are unavoidable. Whether it's human error or physical degradation,  we can help you to manage your resources so that a problem does not turn into a catastrophe.

It's not enough to say, well, I think we have backups running, you need to have a working backup system that can cater for all eventualities.

What is your problem?

It's important when planning a backup strategy to think about… Read More