Free Drupal Security Audit 11/03/2019

Free Drupal Security Audit

For a limited time, we are pleased to be able to offer free Security Audits for Drupal websites.

Drupal has some of the toughest security of any CMS system available - but it also relies on being correctly set up and kept up to date. If your site has not been kept up to date with the latest security patches there is a chance your site has vulnerabilities or has been hacked.

It's possible for websites to be compromised without site owners realizing. In fact, keeping quiet about a… Read More

Drupal Web Development UK - 10 Year Anniversary 12/02/2019

Drupal Web Development 10 Year Anniversary!

We've been doing Drupal website development for 10 years!!

10 years of Drupal development and design for Drupal 6, 7 and now Drupal 8. It's been a blast, sometimes crazy, sometimes amazing, always intrigung - here are some highlights.

2009 - Drupal 6

When we started as Drupal designers, developing sites with Drupal 6 it was hard work. Just to get the thing working was a struggle. But, once you had it running, you could suddenly do a lot of exciting things. One of… Read More

20 Years of Web Design & Web Development 11/02/2019

20 Years of Web Design & Web Development

Turtlereality has been in business designing and developing websites for 20 years. In that time the internet and the web has changed fundamentally at an incredible rate. Here are some of the highlights.

1999 - HTML Pages

When we started out, a web site was very often made up of a collection of hard-coded HTML pages which linked to each other. It was a revolutionary new concept and very cutting edge. The web was where the cool kids hung out reading Wired magazine and checking Web Monkey on their Palm Pilots.

2000 -… Read More
Web Design for Small business 03/01/2019

Web Site Launch: Tantivy Exmoor

A brand new, bespoke designed, mobile-friendly website for a small business on Exmoor. The Tantivy is a local institution but had a very poor internet presence. We've changed all that with a great new Drupal 8 website.

Read the case study

Web Design for Small Business

Our client base is very diverse. We deal with Multi-Nationals and household names, but a lot of our work is with small local… Read More

E-commerce Web Site Launch 26/11/2018

Web Site Launch: Ed Knight's Logs

At the beginning of the cold weather, I ordered some wood from our regular supplier who then, in turn, commisioned us to build them a new website. Less than 2 months later the new site is up and running:

The site is built using Drupal 8 and the new Drupal Commerce version, Commerce 2. The build was a bit of an adventure, lots to learn about the new software, but it's definitely been worth it. Commerce 2 has a whole new architecture which makes… Read More

e-commerce growth 20/11/2018

Grow Your Sales Year on Year

The internet is littered with thousands of failed websites and e-commerce websites. Few people realise how easy it is to make a website - but how difficult it is to make a successful e-commerce website.

Our e-commerce websites generate year on year growth in sales and revenue. In terms of volume we have sold many millions of pounds worth of goods through our e-commerce websites.

We design and program E-commerce websites with the ability to expand as… Read More