Drupal 8 Web Design for business 09/11/2018

What Makes a Turtlereality Website So Good?

Here at Turtlereality, we aren't great at blowing our own trumpets. We believe in working diligently to provide a great service to our customers - but we would like to share with you what it is that sets us apart from other web design companies. Here is a quick summary:

Attention to detail Design - flair and effectiveness Quality assurance - we test things - and fix them Optimisation - pages load blazingly fast We understand mobile - our designs work for all screen sizes Great photography - we get the most out of even poor source… Read More
E-commerce charity website 01/10/2018

E-commerce for Charity Website OUCH(uk)

As part of a major overhaul and redesign of their website, we have just opened a new e-commerce element for OUCH(uk) the UK national cluster headache charity.

The e-commerce elements are linked to the charity's backend CiviCRM database to tie up all the information about purchases, donations, and memberships.

Hopefully, this will further help the charity to prosper with a new revenue stream.


Best Modules for Drupal 8 26/09/2018

Best Modules for Drupal 8

Following our article 16 of the best Drupal 7 Modules, here is an up-to-the minute list of the best Drupal 8 modules. These are the ones we know will be vital on nearly any web design and development project.

Best Modules for Drupal 8 Admin Toolbar
Replacing our old favourite 'admin menu' this module along with the Adminimal theme and the 'adminimal toolbar' module are a pleasure to work… Read More
Drupal 8 Web Design for Wiltshire business 18/09/2018

Site Launch: The Swim School

We've just launched another site for a thriving Wiltshire business. This is a Drupal 8 site for a Westbury-based company offering swimming classes with locations across the north and south of England.

Read more in our case study

Drupal 8 Migration 04/09/2018

Migrating Turtlereality from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Over the Summer we've been busy behind the scenes upgrading turtlereality.com from Drupal 7 state to Drupal 8 - and it's been an interesting and enlightening process!

The Drupal migration system is not quite in its finished state, but it's useable enough for simple sites without too many complex data types or data display scenarios. The turtlereality.com site is fairly simple - compared to most of the sites we build for clients - there are a few data types and only a handful of different display types, which currently have to be… Read More

GDPR - A new Era for Data 04/09/2018

GDPR - A new Era for Data

The great GDPR rush is now, more or less, over. The email torrent reduces to a trickle and we have a chance to reflect on what it all means!

Last weekend I spent a number of hours dismantling the 30 or so hard drives that I've had stashed in a box in the office. These represent all of the computer upgrades that I've done since I started building PCs from components in about 1994(ish). Every obsolete hard disk was saved rather than binned because I couldn't quite figure out what to do with them - and so a huge store of data mounted up… Read More